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A very warm welcome from our Worshipful Master, Wardens and the Brethren of the Lodge of the Argonauts, No. 8210. We hope you enjoy exploring our website and its content.

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations.overview of Freemasonry. 


There are over 250,000 Freemasons meeting in more than 8,000 Masonic lodges throughout England and Wales. Our values are based on integrity, kindness, honesty and fairness. Freemasonry offers the opportunity of meeting a wide variety of people from the local community in a very sociable environment.


"I hope you will find this website informative whether you are interested in Freemasonry in general, wish to become a member or looking for information about The Lodge of the Argonauts in particular."


Bro. Brian Waters

Master of The Lodge of the Argonauts, No. 8210


Our History


The Lodge was consecrated by the Provincial Grand Master, the R.W.Bro. Brig. C.B.S. Morley, along with the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, the ceremony taking place in the Holmes Temple at 80 London Road Leicester. The Lodge celebrated its 25th anniversary on 2nd March 1993. Over the years, the Lodge has been honoured by the Province with a number of the Brethren being appointed to both Active and Past Provincial Grand Rank, the highest rank being Active Provincial Senior Grand Warden in 2006–2007.


The Lodge Warrant was issued by The United Grand Lodge on 14th February 1968, and the Lodge was consecrated on 5th March 1968, being the second daughter of the Lodge of the Golden Fleece No.2081, the other daughter being Jason Lodge No.7716. The Founders consisted of 17 members of the Golden Fleece.


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Our Worshipful Master and his Officers 18/19

Freemasonry in Leicestershire has been in existence since the Eighteenth Century. It must, however, be remembered that at that time there was no unified governing body for what we call “the Craft.”

There were two principal contending organisations; the “Premier Grand Lodge” which dated from 1717 when it was set up in London, and which was nicknamed “the Moderns” because it had introduced certain innovations into Masonic ritual, and the “Athol Grand Lodge” which, although younger, being founded in 1751, was called “the Antients” because it rejected the innovations and claimed to practice an older and purer form of ritual. We have descendants of both traditions within our Province today.


The earliest Lodge in Leicester was warranted by “the Moderns” in 1739, though it seems to have ceased to function by 1744. Another “Modern” Lodge was warranted in 1754, but this too seems to have ceased to work by 1768. In 1761 “the Antients” warranted a Lodge to work in Leicester which seems to have been closely associated with the local militia, but this also foundered, though a second “Antient” Lodge warranted in the same year continued to meet and was in regular existence until 1790, when there was a disagreement with the Athol Grand Lodge and some members petitioned the “Moderns” for a new warrant, and that led to the birth of the oldest Lodge in the Province, St John`s, which now bears the number 279. Thus one stream of our tradition came into being. The original Lodge under the Antients carried on in Leicester until around 1814, when it seems to have finally ceased to meet.


Today, the provincial Grand Lodge of Leicestershire & Rutland has just under 3,000 Freemasons meeting at 76 Lodges throughout the Province.


Bro. Brian Waters

W. Bro. Balvinder Hoonjan

Bro. Thangasamy Sankar

Bro. James Rawson

W. Bro. Bob Boulton

W. Bro. Sanjay Khullar

W. Bro. Ken Moss

W. Bro. John Iliffe

W. Bro. William Smith

W. Bro. Roger Braithwaite

W. Bro. Alan Stephens

Bro. Christopher Hawkins

Bro. Carl Hudson

W. Bro. Roger Flowers

No Appointment

Bro. Ajay Naik

Bro. Kalpesh Chauhan

W. Bro. Alan Beverley

Bro. Vijay Naik

Bro. Harnish Hadani

Bro. Ravinder Sembi

Bro. Stephen Grundy

Plans are already in progress for our 50th Anniversary during 2018, to find out more and for the very latest updates, please click our 50th Year badge to the left.


50 YEARS - 1968 to 2018

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